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A person who does not make final activation of his/her Account (does not click on a given link) shall not have the possibility to activate such Account.In order to register at any time later he/she will have to fill in the registration form again. One User is allowed to have only one Account in the Service. Through the registration procedure completion in Service, resulting in setting up an account, User ensures and states: a) he/she has familiarized with and accepts the Terms of Use; b) personal data, image on photos and other information constituting elements of the Profile, have been transferred to the Service in a voluntary way and agrees on publication the Profile by the Administrator, what means that the access to this data will be or may be free for unlimited circle of Internet users.The above does not include the following data: - e-mail address; - account password; - exact date of birth ( system gives to the public age in years of the User, counted automatically on the basis of a given date of birth).c) he/she agrees on processing, now and in the future, by the Administrator of the Service, any information given during the process of registration as well as later Profile edition or in any other way, personal data and personal image on photos passing on to the Service in the aim of publication this information and personal data through a presentation in the Service.During the registration process you shall be asked to read the following sections and accept their content by marking an appropriate field.If you do not agree with any point of the Terms of Use you should not register with Polish Dating service.Before you register, we encourage you to read the foregoing sections carefully.The sections hereunder create a form of mutual cooperation between you and Polish Dating service.

All the remarks and complaints should be directed to the party supplying the services and all the possible complaints directed to the Administrator shall be delivered to the parties mentioned hereinabove. All payable services are performed exclusively when Users expressly request them. Full extent of basic services of the Service is available without restriction to Users who have an Account in the Service, what does not cover additional services that are payable separately and which are not available for each User no matter his/her status, after having paid appropriate charges. Any User may become a Premium, Premium Plus or VIP Account holder after he/she pays activation charge. Administrator may change the extent of the access and the way of performing given services of the Service (both these already existing as well as those created in the future) at any time for all the Users with the same status.

Professor Monica Whitty of Leicester University said: 'Scammers create a fake profile on dating sites and build up an intense relationship with their victim, grooming them before testing the waters to see of they can make some money out of the “relationship".'It’s almost paedophilic.

They get into a close relationship, getting emotionally close to them and, like paedophiles do when grooming their victims, gain their trust before pouncing.

The above consent includes also permission given to the Administrator on using above data, information and personal image by the Administrator on marketing, information, statistical purposes and publication in media such as Internet, press, radio, TV, mobile and fixed telephony.

However, publication in media can be only done in a way so as information does not point to any connection with the name or surname or the way of direct contact with the User (without e-mail address) d) he/she agrees to receiving commercial information from the Administrator and his/her partners 7.

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