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It’s always younger friends who are themselves doing lots of casual dating. If you’re over the age of 17, you’ve probably had a few relationships that involved kissing.Now, think back to when you were dating somebody that you were totally crazy about. Did you ever think “I really want to experience this kissing with other people?

It comes from the perspective of a casual relationship, not one where love and voluntary commitment are involved.

More often than not, waiting till marriage is much more of a personal decision than a spiritual decision.

And if it’s not, waiting till marriage because you want to conform to the values your favorite church preaches. If you want to make it past age 18 without caving on your decision, you’re going to have to come up with much more internal reasons to wait in addition to your spiritual reasons.

Some people will try to attack your decision to wait until marriage by attacking the Bible or other religious texts because they think it is your primary motivation for waiting.

They will say things like “Did you know that the word ‘virgin’ had a different meaning when the bible was written and it doesn’t actually mean that somebody hasn’t had sex before?

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” Or “What about that chapter of the bible where there’s all that sex happening?

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