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Although not in a position to prevent Britain and Russia from implementing the Anglo–Russian Agreement, the Iranian government refused to recognize the accord's legitimacy, since from an Iranian perspective, it threatened the country's integrity and independence.Iranian nationalists, in particular, felt betrayed by Britain, a country they had idealized as a democratic beacon during the Constitutional Revolution.

On May 20, 1882, Germany entered into the Triple Alliance with Italy and Austria-Hungary, complementing its industrial and socio-political climb in the world arena.

For Britain and Russia, the agreement was important in establishing a diplomatic alignment that endured until World War I.

The government of Iran, however, had not been consulted about the agreement; it was informed after the fact.

In particular, Britain and Russia intervened in Iran's domestic politics by supporting the royalists in their contest with the constitutionalists, and increasingly, their intervention assumed military dimensions.

The agreement lapsed in 1918 after it was renounced by a new revolutionary government in Russia.

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Berlin peacefully penetrated the Ottoman Empire and had few colonial aspirations in the region.

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