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Having this inequality of information can give you, your first piece of leverage.

Leverage skills you know- You can go into new fields such as say Finance, but make sure you’re leveraging something you already know such as technology and/or product. I said that would be fun, but it would be my first documentary regardless of what happened. If I do something leveraging a skill I know, I’m already ahead of the game. If your goal has primarily monetary motivations, look at the unsexy.

Give yourself every opportunity you can- I use this as a reason why starting a company in silicon valley when it comes to tech is a good idea.

You can succeed anywhere in the world, but you certainly have a better chance in the valley.

Sure you could still make a lot of money in something like the app store or the facebook platform, but the chances are significantly less than they were in the summer of 08 or spring of 2007. Peter Cooper and I clarified some of the semantics about what is a trend over here.

Always keep your door/inbox open- You never know who is going to walk through your door contact you. At one point Bill Gates was just a random college kid calling an Albuquerque computer company.

Say no way more than you say yes- I bet almost every web entrepreneur has encountered this: You demo your product / explain what you’re doing and someone suggests that you do “X feature/idea”.

X is a really good idea and maybe even fits in with what you’re doing, but it would take you SO FAR off the path you’re on.

Be a master of information– Many think it might be wasteful that I spent so much time on newsyc or read so many tech information sites. I’m at my worst when I’m isolated from people and at my best when I’ve at least spent some time with close friends (usually who I don’t know from business.) Make waves, don’t ride them– There was a famous talk Jawed Karim gave from youtube.

He described the factors that made youtube take off in terms of secondary/enabling technologies.

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