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Maybe the indignation that people have comes from the fact they should have seen this all along, but were so conditioned to admire these people, that it was simply excused away until it could not be excused any more. However without a steady diet of violence, filth, and sex, I find it easier to be who I want to be. Will its exposure change anything, or will it die down as the cornucopia of filth still spews on? Day Tony, I would highly recommend Pygmalion in Madrid to your friend. The girls also charge top dollar but are worth every penny.Also anyone know if Air Factory will be open on the 25th?Apologies for the unusual post but a girl that I know well from Sao Paulo in Brazil has come to Spain to work for 2 months and is looking for the best place to work.This is the industry that has endlessly marketed smut to our children and finances so much of the continued sexualization of our children. We feed ourselves at a dumpster and we get the nutritional value of a dumpster.Several stars have talked about how they were passed around like party favors as children. Take away the violence and the sex/sexual innuendo and what is left? I cut out the diet of sex and violence given by the industry a long time ago.Shocker that many of these guys were exploiting women, huh? The mountain range full of violence and sexual exploitation of women is mammoth.

Other fields have had similar scandals, including my own of Catholic priesthood, but what gave scandal is that the work put out there and the life lived were at odds.

How many movers and shakers in the entertainment industry coveted those invitations to the Playboy Mansion, to cozy up with Hugh Hefner?

Hefner built an empire on the exploitation of women!

After meeting the girl you negotiate a price and take her back to your hotel. Day Tony, I would highly recommend Pygmalion in Madrid to your friend. The girls also charge top dollar but are worth every penny.

After meeting the girl you negotiate a price and take her back to your hotel. December 25 is a holiday in Spain, but not all the shops are closed.

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Looking at the body of work of this industry, it will be galling that anyone feign shock. I found that without my emotions continually being manipulated towards anger, lust, greed, and gluttony, that getting my life in order was much easier.

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