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The problem is that in the case of abstinence, if will power breaks down, safe sex of any kind is likely the last consideration.

Men don’t think about birth control or pregnancy as much.For men there are approximately four ways of dealing with these issues without the need for a partner’s help: abstinence, condoms, , and vasectomies.Abstinence prevents everything, including sex itself, so it’s kind of like avoiding food poisoning and gaining weight via fasting: yes it works, but it isn’t exactly practical for most of us.Consider this: no matter what the situation, men are only required to think about safe sex right before or as it’s happening, but never in the interim.Whether or not she’s sexually active, a woman is constantly being asked if she’s pregnant, might be pregnant, or is planning on getting pregnant.

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But, astonishingly, non-barrier birth control for men doesn’t yet exist. We don’t have it, we need it, and when it comes out, it’ll be as revolutionary as the Pill itself.

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