Datagridview not updating my ex started dating

That's for bind specific properties of the Combo Box to values from a list or an object.

That is used more in situations like binding the Text property of a Text Box.

if i look at the update to the combobox, they are not reflected until i exit and restart the app - then they're fine.

further down the formload i've tried am i missing something silly to have the values in the combobox change and refresh at the time of the update to the database?

if they exit the app and restart the previously added customer now shows up in the combobox list." - so ideally, how do you get the combobox to reflect the newly added record without exiting the app? Otherwise you are only changing the copy of the data, not the data. Even if you pass a Data Set as an argument, you are populating one of the Data Tables in its Tables collection.

- again, just an example above - but those are my symptoms as well..... When you reload the dataset, the data you added will be missing. When you call Update on a Data Adapter or Table Adapter you are saving changes from a Data Table.

Now, in your situation, you should be binding your Data Table to a Binding Source and then binding that to the Combo Box.

When the user hits save and form B closes and the focus goes back to form A and they drop down the combobox, the newly added customer does not show up, yet when checking the table, it is there. Also, if you update the data in a dataset, you have to save it using the update method. When you call Fill on a Data Adapter or Table Adapter you are populating a Data Table.

You may have figured this out already but I thought I would post this to help someone else that may be having this issue. Add(New cls Combo(n Next ID, "New", "", "", "", "")) combobox. Even if you pass a Data Set as an argument, you are saving changes from one of the Data Tables in its Tables collection. Item("Name") = user Msg Pro Flow1Data Set.orificedata. Add(ds New Row) 'Update the datagridview with the new data Orificedata Table Adapter.

If you swap out my arraylist code with your tableadapter I believe it will work. Just as a database table has columns to describe the data and rows to contain it, so a Data Table has a Columns property, which is a collection of Data Columns, and a Rows property, which is a collection of Data Rows. You can manipulate the dataset without committing the changes to the actual database. Update(Pro Flow1Data Set) End Sub Form 1 has the combobox that is not updating.

the combobox properties being used are data source, display member and valuemember - I'm still very green at this but also noticed a plus sign entitled 'databindings' above combobox name, but all are blank - will begin researching what those are all about next....

You wouldn't use the Data Bindings property at all.

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