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" wrote a hacker who goes by "MAPS." Friend Finder Networks Inc., parent company of Adult Friend Finder and other adult sites and publications including Penthouse, said in a statement that it had just become aware of the breach, and it is working closely with law enforcement and cyberforensics company Mandiant, a subsidiary.The company said it doesn't yet know the full scope of the breach, but it promised to "work vigilantly," noting that Friend Finder Networks "fully appreciates the seriousness of the issue." "We cannot speculate further about this issue, but rest assured, we pledge to take the appropriate steps needed to protect our customers if they are affected," the company said.For example, one person exposed in the hack is a 40-year old welder from a small Illinois town of a few thousand people.He "will become anybody's slave" and lied about his age on the site, claiming to be 29.Officially, Yahoo breach involved more data (about 500 million records), but the passwords were mostly available in the encrypted form so journalists called the incident with Adult Friend Finder “the biggest hacking in the history of mankind.” The Adult Friend Finder owners advertise the web-site as the “world’s largest” ground for finding lovers.In 2015, the resource, founded 20 years ago, was already attacked informative post.

Adult Friend Finder asks customers to detail their interests and, based on those criteria, matches people for sexual encounters.E-mail addresses, user names, and passwords got in the wrong hands.According to the estimations of Leaked Source, the majority of accounts were registered on the Hotmail e-mail addresses (about 96 million accounts), Yahoo (74,5 million), and Gmail (61,7 million).That could allow anyone to extort Adult Friend Finder customers.For instance, the security consultant Robb reported that one person whose information was hacked was a 62-year-old Hispanic male from New Jersey, who worked in advertising and has a preference for the "subporno" forum.

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